Monday, April 17, 2006

Day after Easter

Today, I joined Dorothy in jonesin for order, so I moved the bed to sweep under it.

I found:
1. The March issue of Harpers, the one that has the inventor of the flash mob story in it that we've been dying to read again. Although, as I went to find this link, I realized we could have been reading it on-line this whole time.
2. A pair and a half of socks.
3. A pair and a half of earrings.
4. The green Boomwhacker!
5. One marble; two legos (connected); something yellow, round and wooden that goes in the toolbox; a green toy truck with a satellite dish on top.
6. Lots of dust (And I actually heard myself say this to Eli: "There's a special kind of dust that grows under the bed called dust bunnies" - do we really have to cultivate wonder about EVERYTHING?)
7. No spiders, thank you Jesus.

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