Thursday, April 06, 2006

Communion to shut-ins

Ok, I'm only 22 months into this ministry business, but still.

Email from sr pastor this week: Will you be taking communion to the shut ins next week?

(I do mostly the pastoral care, remember.)

My response (some spoken, some unspoken): Um, is that usual? Because I sure can. In fact, that would be lovely. It's just that I didn't plan for it at all, so I'll have to rearrange some other things to have the time. And Holy Week isn't exatly the week to be rearranging things. And is a time going to come pretty soon when I feel like I know what's going to happen next some days or weeks before it actually happens? Or is it just the nature of this work to always be just catching up and catching my breath?

It IS usual to take communion during this week, isn't it?
I am now adding that to The List of Things I Didn't Used to Know, But I Do Now.
The very long and always growing list.

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