Monday, April 03, 2006

Random links

You can read Jeff's disgruntled post about the new UCC ad and my comments over at PoC.

Two long, interesting, totally unrelated articles:

hat tip to Indianwriting for a fascinating link to one about one about Dorothy Parker and Lillian Hellman's friendship and post-mortem break-up (hey, PinkShoes, you might want to add What Fresh Hell? by Marian Meade to your reading list - it's going on mine)

Another one in New York Magazine about the newly coined demographic group - the Grups (so much for being original, turns out we have our own demographic). The whole thing is worth reading, but my favorite is this single sentence that totally explains why sr pastor and I have a time/money miscommunication from time to time: "A human-resources executive told me recently that there’s a golden rule of HR: To motivate a baby boomer, offer him a bonus. To motivate a Generation-Xer, offer him a day off. "
Of COURSE I'd rather have the day off then the money, and I thought everyone else was that way too. Turns out that's cause I'm not a boomer.

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