Saturday, October 08, 2005

Open 24 Hours. Except when we're not.

So we're having this auction at church and in trying to be creative and all, I've been goofing around with turning some of my husband Jeff's lovely photographs into greeting cards (everyone needs 'em, right? right??? you better say yes when I'm talking to you, buster).

Said project has entailed way too many trips to Kinko's, including the one where the surly girl monotoned "yes, ma'am, we are open twenty four hours" and the one tonight in which I went to pick up the finally hopefully absolutely perfect cards and they were CLOSED! At 9 pm on a Saturday night! Not to re-open until Monday morning! And these are their regular hours! Don't they know that ministers have deadlines, too?

WHY should we put up with all that city life entails - the impossible gridlock, the noise and dust, and worst of all, the knowledge that we're horribly trapped in the materialism and inauthenticity that is life in the matrix if we can't go to Kinko's whenever we want? Sheesh.

This project is now officially Never Going To Be Done, and my own personal hell is going to be spent eternally filling my tank with $45 worth of gas and driving in endless circles around the copy store.

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