Monday, October 10, 2005

It's embarrassing to spend time on a thing like this,

but still good fun. Google your name (or psudonym - yikes, spelling?) "needs" A selection of mine follows:

Juniper needs to start playing the big game
Juniper Needs to Buy
Juniper needs Euny’s powers to pull off this final quest
Juniper needs well-drained soil
Juniper needs to prove that this near £2.2bn purchase has not derailed it from its core competency in the service provider space.
Juniper needs to be deeply involved
Juniper needs sunshine
Juniper needs something different
juniper needs to be cut down more than halfway

Ok, that was fun and all, but SOMEBODY has to get those dishes washed, man. That'd be me, I guess. No more goofing around starting now.

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