Saturday, October 08, 2005

On Reading and Watching and Taking It All In

I'm trying not to rush through Parable of the Sower, the first I've read by Octavia Butler and so oh-my-god! good that I want to gulp it down. Luckily there's a sequel...

We're easing into winter by watching Lord of the Rings, all 63 hours of it, again. It gets better and better every time. And tonight, in an attempt at family movie night and to delight our 3 year old boy ("You've worn the underwear, now see the moive!!") we got Robots. Which the grown-ups liked, but which gave the boy the willies and made it hard for him to settle into sleep.

He's kind of at a jumpy age, I guess, since he hasn't ever really been a nervous person up til now. The other morning, for example, he soberly informed me, "Mommy, Jesus is in my room." Struggling to wake up, all I could think to say was something brilliant like, "really?" And then he added: "Yes. And there are monsters in my closet." So for now, I've stopped telling him that he's safe in his room all night because Jesus is watching out for him, just in case, you know, that might actually be a SCARY idea. And a dozen times a day we have this conversation. "Monsters are just pretend, right, Mommy?" "Right." (repeat, repeat, repeat).

Question: How do you help your kids develop a faith life at that mystical age when there is no line between the seen and the unseen, and most things scare them half to death?

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