Thursday, September 23, 2004

"God would not say THAT!" -Ralph Richardson

Watched the movie Time Bandits this week.

Seeing as how I pretty much memorized Life of Brian when I was 13, it seemed weird that I had never seen it. When I was 13, I would have laughed at this movie until milk ran out my nose, and I was nostalgic for finding things that funny.

Now, ruined by 5 years of seminary, I must say I was a little distracted by the theology. I dont want to take this really silly movie more seriously than it needs to be, and I truly understand about satire and irony. That said, it makes me sad that in churches we are always talking uphill against the image that most people seem to have of that old white banker God guy in the three piece suit. No matter how often we invoke Luke 13, no matter how often we remind folks that God comes to us in many ways and has infinite faces, no matter how nicely those folks nod and agree that's a good idea - they still have that picture of Ralph Richardson in their heads.

Maybe it's from the church they grew up in. But probably it's from when they were 13, and watched Time Bandits every day.

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