Sunday, September 12, 2004

Flying objects

A couple of days ago I was driving up Greenlake Way (with my car window rolled down about 4-6 inches) when something flew through the window and smacked me on the face. Later I found a tiny piece of asphalt in that well between the seats where the parking brake handle is.

About 9:30 tonight I was walking with my pal Rachel on a route we often take. "Let's turn here," I suggested, "this is a nice street to walk on." A few steps later a car drove by and a paper cup filled with water and ice came flying out. It only splashed me, but it hit Rachel. Neither of us had paid particular attention to the car as it approached, so we both screamed and jumped.

I cant remember being hit with anything unexpected flying through the air since the 1985 when boys followed us home in cars after East High School's Freshman Orientation and pelted my friend and I with eggs. That day we were pretty clear about their motives. But now twice in one week, I've been struck and then left bewildered.

The asphalt was a fluke, I suppose, something about the way the tire of the Honda spit that little rock up into the air shot it right through the window. The cup was POSSIBLY an accident, we were in shadow on a fairly dark street. But if it WAS an accident, what are the odds of that? And if it was an assault, then the annonimity of it is sort of baffling - the passengers didn't shout or laugh or squeal away. Just a silent, soggy cup right on target, and then the the car continuing serenely up the dark street.

I'm hopeful this kind of thing doesn't happen in threes. The rock was tiny, the cup maybe 20x larger. If something even larger is headed my way, it would have to be somewhere between the size of Hansa and a mid-sized Craftsman style home. If this is a sign of some kind, I'm hoping to get the message in a gentler way.

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