Monday, November 16, 2009

Lifting Rocks

Over at her place, KJ is writing about time management, and that rock and pebble thing where you have to put the big stones in the bowl first, because if you only put the little ones in, the big ones will never fit.

So, the problem as it see it is figuring out which are the big stones. Because some things look real big and heavy, but when you get right up to em and heft em, you find out they're not all that. What I'm finding out is, the less I know about a stone (to carry this metaphor all the way and really probably further than it can bear), the heavier it looks, the more I strain to pick it up and the harder I try to push it into the bowl.

Tonight, I met with the truly awesome Pastor Relations Committee and they helped me see that - some of those big stones I've been hauling around? Pebbles.



Songbird said...

I'm glad the PRC meeting was helpful. (((juniper)))

Deb said...

Hooray for effective PRC's! ( or PPRC's.) In my church it's called Pastor-Parish Relations.

Sue said...


cripchick said...

love having language to describes that!! glad to find your blog.