Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Language: An Elijahlogue

Boy: I know a bad word. I know what the F word is.
Girl: What is it?
Boy: I think it's foopy.
Girl: FOOpy?!?!?
Boy: YOU said it!


Juniper said...

now they are being a squirrel family. but brown, not grey, because "grey squirrels are not native to this area. did you know that?"

Sarah S-D said...

too precious.

Sarah S-D said...

as i think about questions about church unity and division i keep recalling a conversation i had with a friend who was a methodist when we were six or so. we were trying to figure out which one of us was catholic, because we were sure that any christians other than our kind were catholics and we knew we weren't the same kind. i KNEW i wasn't catholic. and was annoyed that she didn't believe me. but we just couldn't solve the riddle. i wonder... if i was beginning my doctoral work then. sorry. random memory i felt a need to share.