Tuesday, May 19, 2009

God Talk

Here's what I've been hearing/reading about God today:

We believe in you, O God, Eternal Spirit, God of our Savior Jesus Christ and our God, and to your deeds we testify:
You call the worlds into being, create persons in your own image, and set before each one the ways of life and death.
You seek in holy love to save all people from aimlessness and sin.
You judge people and nations by your righteous will declared through prophets and apostles.
-The United Church of Christ Statement of Faith in the form of a doxology

God invented the surfboard
to keep the truly great
from ruling the world.
-Bumper sticker seen in Multnomah Village

I am an atheist. I was raised a Christian of some sort, but the more I traveled around the world, the more I knew there was no God.
-Conversation with a shopkeeper

How about you? What's the one thing you can say for sure about God?

If it helps, think of it like a status update: God is....


Songbird said...

God is somewhat elusive, but when we connect, it's spectacular.

Sarah S-D said...

God is persistently present even when my anxiety would like to convince me that I am all alone and all shall not be well. God is willing to take on flesh, knowing to surround me with wonderful people far and near for I need bodies not just an ethereal Spirit. God is steadily giving, nudging, loving and whispering to me "Breathe. Breathe. Breathe." God is.

Thanks, J. I needed to write this. My breathing is deepening having let these words flow.

Andy said...

God is too complex and too elusive for any of us to be sure about what god is. Uncertainty is good, it provides mystery and makes life interesting. It is necessary for healthy growth, both spiritually and otherwise. I find the journey of exploration to be more compelling than the prospect of answers or discovery of truth.

KellyT said...

God is surprisingly easy to ignore. For awhile. God is not afraid to send someone to kick you in the ass when needed. God is the only thing that is actually constant and steadfast.