Tuesday, October 28, 2008


All the Literature tells pastors that we are to be A Non-Anxious Presence, a designation I tend to disparage because I wonder if it really means to be a boring and passive presence. (Is it any wonder, I snicker to myself, that the acronym is NAP? Yes, that's me,the 4th grader, cracking myself up by giving things funny nicknames.) We had a good conversation about it today in an ecumenical clergy group I am blessed to be part of, which inspired me to go and order Edwin Freidman's new book on leadership, and then, as sometimes happens when you think of something and suddenly it's everywhere, I read this fascinating article.

How about you? Are you a NAP? If not, do you want to be?


Magdalene6127 said...

J, I've been told I am.

That means I'm a passable actress, is my opinion. And that may be what is needed at times.

Sarah S-D said...

hunh. cool article.

i was, at times, a n.a.p.. usually, then i'd come home and become an d.a.m. (dissolving, anxious, mess). sometimes i was a n.a.p. without trying. other times, i was just anxious.

i do wonder if the anxiety i carried in me as i was preparing to apply to schools and felt SO guilty about that unconsciously kicked up anxiety in the congregation.