Friday, October 03, 2008

Ego Surfing

Juniper: Hey, Susan B Anthony's middle name is the same as our last name. Did you know that?
Mr J: Yep.
Juniper: Do you think she's related to us?
Mr. J: Yes, she is. It's in that book about how the family goes back to the Mayflower or whatever.
Juniper: I cant believe we've been married all this time and I never knew that! Susan B Anthony is one of my heroes! That is so cool!
Mr. J: Everytime you think that's cool, just remember that we're also related to Richard Nixon.
Mr. J: Just trying to keep it in perspective.


Sarah S-D said...


that reminds me of moments when i learn really cool people share my denomination. and then i remember donald rumsfeld and condi rice and i moan.

but that is pretty freakin' cool that she's in your family tree.

there's got to be a sermon illustration in this.

Kirstin said...

LOL! I love that.

She Rev said...

Hmmm...I'll have to check with my sister-in-law for the details, but we're related to Susan by way of the Anthony. Hey! We're related!

Sue said...

This made me laugh today. I needed to laugh today - so thanks!