Monday, October 06, 2008

Juniper Recommends

The economy is tanking, but consumption at the Juniper household continues apace. Here is a short list of where the money in our little micro-economy is going.

1. The Power Protein Plate from Starbucks. Ok, I know we're supposed to hate Starbucks because they're all corporate and evil and stuff, but this little snack (mini bagel, pb, cheese, apples, hardboiled egg, grapes) has pulled me out of a few truly dire blood sugar swamps. So, thanks Starbucks. Even if you are evil. (Price: $4.95)

2. The Daily Show via internet. Because the not-comedy-central news is just. too. painful. (Price: Free, but you have to watch 3 commercials).

3. Sierra Trading Post. Even though you're not in school any more, dont you still like a new outfit in the fall? (Price: Well, less than $200, which is a total deal if you knew all that came for that.)

4. The Epley Manuever. I've been having these annoying dizzy spells, but I might be better as of Friday. I went to a PT who did this goofy tipping and tapping thing, which is supposed to get the little particles in your ear to go back into their right place. It sometimes takes a couple of days, and the first few days were hard to tell, but today I really did feel better. So, for a test, I read in a moving car for maybe the first time ever without getting queasy. No, I wasnt driving. (Price: $35 specialist visit co-pay)

5. Ibot. J had his second test drive today. Now the paperwork begins. So, it is still months off while physical therapists, insurance companies, J's HR dept and the IBot manufacturer wrangle, but eventually it will get paid for and eventually it IS GOING TO HAPPEN. (Price: $25,000. And isnt this where I say something like "J being able to manuever over curbs, bumps, grass, sand and STAIRS - Priceless"? Yeah, I thought so.)


Songbird said...

Yes, that's exactly when you say it. Thank God for technology that serves us!

Sarah S-D said...

wow. that protein plate sounds like a good thing for this preggo woman to know about. starbucks real close to my haunts on campus, never been there, will have to check it out.

Sue said...

Hooray for IBOT!!!! I'm so excited for all of you. What a difference that will make.

I had a dream about you last night. I posted about it at my place.