Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Summertime notes

Dear Guy who works the scoreboard at PGE field, who (as we walked past on our way into the 3rd inning today) tossed our son a ball:
Thanks. That was awesome.

Dear Multiple Guys who took off their shirts during the game because they were too hot:
Ew. Please dont do that.*

Dear Team
Even though you guys didnt end the game with the grand slam that seemed really possible, you are honestly turning me into a baseball fan. I actually said today, "Shhh, not now honey, mommy's watching the game." Who is THAT woman?

Dear Mr. Trader Joe
If you would like to, you may feel free to sample out your products using our new favorite recipe. I'm calling Saturday Sundae, although we dont save it for Saturday, natch:
Combine in a bowl:
1 scoop TJ's French Vanilla Ice Cream
11 (one serving) TJ's salted peanut-butter filled pretzels, crushed
1/2 organic banana, sliced (you'll probably get it at Trader Joes, right?)
1 TBS TJ's grade B Maple Syrup

Dear Madame Weight Watchers
I would figure these points as something between, say, an apple and a Big Mac with large fries.

Dear Mr. McMennamin
Your Grand Lodge is the total bomb, and having a couple study days there was almost the best idea I ever had. Do you think we could talk the Rev Gals into a BE there sometime?

Dear People of Yachats
Thank you for being so nice to us while we visited for a couple of days. Thanks also for arranging to have the lowest tide of the year while we there, and visits from both seals and whales.

Dear People in Charge of Google Maps Street View
Sheesh. If I'd known you were coming by, I would have pulled the garbage cans behind the house. Also, mowed the lawn....

Dear Parishioners
As we close in our first anniversary of time together, I am feeling so grateful I could burst. And although from this list it hardly seems possible, I am actually getting some work done this summer.

*Seriously, what ARE the rules for male shirtless-ness? E wanted to take HIS off but I told him shirt-off is for the pool and the beach. Otherwise, he has to wear one.

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