Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's the dog days

Oh, I was going to make a really long bulleted list of all the things we've done this summer, mostly good, but honestly it was too boring even for me. Because what I really want to tell you is:

*We got a good dog.

*She is a goldendoodle (but black), she's 6 years old and weighs 70 pounds for you numbers people, she went into heat the minute she moved in but that's taken care of now, her only bad behavior is asking for more petting when you think you are ready to be done with it.

*Have you ever had a dog you could leave alone with a cinnamon roll in a car (windows down, in the shade) for 10 minutes while you go in the store? Did you even know such dogs existed? Me either.

*Her name is Rainy.

*I know, you're wondering what happened to the cats, right? Turns out J is allergic, or something, so we took the kitties to other homes and instead we got a dog.

*We got a DOG.

*I used to think that dogs only happened to other people, people who had the secret Dog Code figured out. And then I read this post and then a little while later, we went right out and got a good dog.

*See how superb the blogosphere is?

*The Casa Juniper Official Photographer has been stricken with pneumonia but he's getting better every day, so I imagine photos will be forthcoming.

*In other news.

*Please pray (if that is your style) for the de-stupidifying of the person or persons who threw a rock through the church fellowship hall window last night. Not making a statement, if the beer bottles and cigs scattered around are any indication, just ending a party with a bang. Sigh.

* Sometimes I think all this church stuff doesnt really sink in with him, like it's just a place to duck old lady kisses and have cookies, but when I told him we were going to church today to sweep up broken glass, E's first words were: "So who did that? People who dont like God or what?"

*After I reassured him that they were more thoughtless than mean, we did have an excellent teachable moment about What Happens When People Are Not Careful About Where They Throw Things, a topic of about 493, 698 conversations in E's young life so far, and probably more to come. But this one did seem to hit the mark a little more than most, you know?


cheesehead said...

The thing about the Dog Code? I used to think that too!

Congrats, to Rainy and her family.

Songbird said...

Welcome, Rainy!!!
(Just don't leave her with chocolate, okay?)

more cows than people said...

e is a pretty awesome kid. i've said that before, but... saying it again.

and juniper is a pretty awesome mom.

and sounds like rainy is a pretty awesome dog.

Juniper said...

Ch - so glad I'm not the only one

S - chocolate is poison to me too, so no worries on that score

MC - thanks :)

Kathryn said...

How lovely...A goldennoodle nearly joined our family when we were hunting for Libby - but they only had boys left,and we really wanted a girl.
Lucky you...lucky Rainy...May all of you continue enjoying each other :-)

We suffer from stones through church window in these parts - bored youths, I reckon. Interestingly, thus far they have restricted their boredom to the church office windows, (the tower at the back of the church) rather than launching into the church proper - I wish I knew if this were by accident or design. Mostly, though, I wish they'd stop. Church in the Valley is too poor to spend money continually replacing the same 3 panes of glass :-(