Friday, July 25, 2008

Why the Good Lord gave us the internet

Because the world needs a video of The Making of The Baby Cake.

(File under: Ew. Yuck.)

Confidential to Sarah. Thanks. I think.


Diane said...

huh. weird.

but, thanks for sharing.... I think.

cheesehead said...

Who in the world would eat such a thing?

Am I missing something?

Sue said...

What cheese said. Ick.

esperanza said...

Yikes. For a minute I thought it was a cake of, you know, making a baby. Which would be even worse.

Ew, yuck is right.

otis said...

Not once did I see that baker wearing those plastic glove/baggies like they wear at Subway. Then again, last time I went to subway it took longer to make my sandwich than it took to make that cake.

God_Guurrlll said...

well....ok then....that was...interesting.

whose gonna slice into that cake.