Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

on the way out the door to a meeting....

1. Who schedules meetings on The Most Beautiful Summer Night of the Year? I'm just saying
2. Well, hopefully we can make it short one at least.
3. I'm reading more Haven Kimmel - She got up off the couch this time. 17 pages in. I've already laughed until I peed once. I mean, not really, but it's really really funny.
4. There is no way that everything that is supposed to happen is going to happen this weekend. And that includes getting the house sssssppppooooottttllllessss for the dear church people who are coming for an inspection, er, party on Saturday afternoon.
5. I do have a wedding in a park tomorrow, which should be lovely.
6. Although they suddenly asked for No God If Possible.
7. Not possible.
8. I thought we talked about this. What part of Rev dont you understand, pal?
9. Not like I'm hostile about that or anything.
10. Turns out I'm so tired because I have an infection, for which I have to take TWO antibiotics.
11. For Pete's sake. That's 5 pills a day. All at different times.
12. Because I evidently have nothing else to do.
13. I cant take time for anything else, because I'm watching the UCC steeples ad on youtube all day. I've watched it probably 4573 times in my life and it still gets me every day time.
14. Pass me a hankie, will ya? Wait, that's 14.

Ok, gotta go to my meeting now.


Songbird said...

I just gave money for the ad. I love it.

cheesehead said...

I LOVE She Got Up Off the Couch.

That's my part of the world, doncha know. (Where I grew up.) My niece went to Ball State. Finished a BS in three years. (I'm a proud auntie.) Yes, that's random.

more cows than people said...

hope you're eating yogurt or taking acidophilus... or maybe that's just my issue with lots of antibiotics.

i'm with you on things not getting done.

hope it is more party than inspection.

cool commercial.

Diane said...

now I have to check She got up off the couch! and thanks for the inspirational ad!

spent a few minutes looking at Notes from a Small Planet, which also had me laughing.