Saturday, July 05, 2008

Independence Day

After an evilly grumpy morning, solved by
1. eating some carbs (sometimes I can get A LITTLE CARRIED AWAY in my zeal to acheive something in ww and looking back, I realized it had been Too Long) and then
2. sleeping 2 hours, followed by
3. saying the prayer "OK Jesus, I need some help not being so grouchy right now."
...we had an amazing evening at PGE Stadium.

Perfect weather. And I mean PERFECT.
Relaxing with some neighbors and friends.
Not catching the foul ball that bounced right past us, but not getting smacked by it either.
A beer, peanuts and nachos (mmmm, more carbs).
An appearance by the Zooperstars.
Fireworks, just the right size to be impressive without, as St C would say, blowing your eyebrows up. Or is it "off?" Or "out?" Well, anyway.
Wondering out loud why it's offensive to carry an American flag into an anti-war protest, but ok to wear it as a shirt into a ball game.
A grand slam in the 8th by the home team.
A 6 year old boy who could not believe the incredible awesomeness of doing the wave for the first time. Ditto the awesomeness of a first singing of Take Me Out the Ballgame.
A boy who was, in fact, enthralled for three hours and only really lost it at the very very very end, when he realized he would not be getting a Beavers tshirt but quickly recovered in time to fall immediately into a deep sleep once we got to the van.
And the great night was not over yet. Although we parked incredibly illegally, our van was still there when we got back. And no ticket on it!

Do you think as part of the mid life crisis where I'm suddenly into pop music, and thinking about getting a tattoo (and by thinking about, I mean ALL THE TIME), I could also get into baseball? That would be so funny, wouldnt it?


Songbird said...

A tattoo? Really?
Some of us like the idea but fear the process. Just sayin'.
Glad you had fun at the game!!!

Kathryn said...

So glad the grumps departed...I've been unreasonably grumpy here too, but hadn't had the brains to pray..just ate chocolate ;-(
I'm another who longs for a tattoo quietly...should have done it when I was ordained, but lost my nerve and now fear the moment has passed forever. Keep us posted!

more cows than people said...

so... what sort of tattoo? where?

sounds like a fun mid-life crisis to me.

and a great 4th afterall!

thinking of E at that game is a treat.

otis said...

So Juni,

I remember you once telling me how intrigued you were by people and their bumper stickers, how you took it as their chance to express what they want everybody to know about themselves, and were intrigued at their choices. This is how I always thought about T-shirts, wonder why I always wear blank ones then? Anyway, regardless of whether everyone intends a bumper sticker to be their chance to introduce themselves to the world, it makes me wonder how you, the one who tagged that concept, would arrive at getting a tatoo. This after all could be taken as branding yourself with the message you want everyone to know about you, but not just while you own your current car, or while you're wearing the shirt you have on today, but forever. What kind of image will it be to stand that test of time as a permanent statement? Perhaps I'm projecting a bit here because that's my dilemma with a tatoo myself, but I'm curious how that process goes for you.

She Rev said...

I love those nights - the ones that totally appeal to my need (hope, desire?) to create moments of nostalgia for my children even when I have no idea if they will really remember them as adults. I love it when I can be in the moment and outside of it at the same time and think, "Someone would love to take our picture right now for an ad with the happy family wearing cotton or driving the safe car."

Nights like these make all the days the turn me grumpy OK!!!

JWD said...

I've been sorely tempted (no pun intended) to get a tattoo lately as well. I'm intrigued by "overhearing" Otis' comments to you. For me, I don't think a tattoo would be along the lines of a bumper sticker or t-shirt, announcing my identity to others. It feels more intimate than that--not an announcement or proclamation about myself, but an image that somehow has become myself. I guess, not an adornment of my body, but an image merged with my body. But I don't really know. I'd be interested to know more about your thinking on it.

Gracebythesea said...

J-this all sounds mahhvelous and yes you might be going through a mid-life 'awakening'. Don;t resist-Maybe it's an invitation to more freedom!
How about listening to "Funkytown" and then getting a temp tatoo and see how that feels?