Wednesday, May 07, 2008

random bits of randomness

-The young couple who are house-sitting for us came over last night and they were complaining about their bosses. Like you do, when you're, you know, not the boss. I kept wanting to plead on their behalf. Because now that I actually am a boss, I can certify that it is hard. In fact, I'm of the opinion these days that it's much harder to supervise two or three people than it is to pastor a flock of 100.

-We're watching our godkids tonight and I carried Eight Month Old in his little carrier until he fell asleep. I forgot about the sweetness of that belly-to-belly carry, and the comfort of feeling those little sighs they make in their sleep.

-I also forgot about those little ten minute naps that trick the ones this age into thinking they've slept all night. Now he's awake again and playing in his drawer (measuring cups, whisks and what have you) while I type on the counter.

-The big kids seem to have settled, though. One thing I do remember is that they outgrow everything. Given enough years, they all sleep through the night.

-I saw a new bumpersticker on the walk that made me laugh out loud: "I (heart) wood." I mean, who doesn't?

-We leave on Friday for a tour of upper-midwestern cities - Duluth! DesMoines! D'Rochester! (it's my blog and I'll alliterate if I want to) - before heading to the Festival of Homiletics. So I'm expecting posting will be spotty in the next couple weeks.

-I mean, not like I'm regularly posting or anything, usually. So maybe I should say "spottier than usual." But then I start to wonder, "Is spottier a word?"

-Although I do have a fantasy that I'm going to start another blog for the church folk (instead of this one, which is for whom, exactly?) and then I'll blog the Festival. We'll see.

-I'm enjoying getting ready to go out of town, mostly because it involves the kind of shopping I like best - snacks in individual packaging and separate magazines for everyone and personal care products in tiny bottles. When it comes to traveling, I'm like an environmentalist's nightmare. And I'm not even counting plane tickets and hotel rooms and the gas guzzler we'll be driving once we get there.

-Not as much of an environmental nightmare as Coach M, though. "The best way to get your uniform clean is to throw it into a washing machine with some bleach and some ammonia and slam the lid as fast as you can. I was surprised when I took chemistry and they told me not to mix them. I was like, 'how do you get grass stains out of your baseball uniform?' "

-We have now progressed from drawer emptying to book chewing. Oh, yeah, I kind of forgot about the book chewing, too. "Mmmm, you are right, baby. Joe Lash is DEEE - LISH."


more cows than people said...

it is always so good to "hear" you.

Songbird said...

Thank you for the reminder to take the long view.

Sue said...

Duluth??? That's only three hours from my place. Very cool. Can't wait for the Festival!