Saturday, May 24, 2008


Fact #1:
Nobody at Casa Juniper slept last night.

Fact #2:
(From the Mayo Clinic website. Emphasis mine.)
Croup has an unmistakable sound — a harsh, repetitive cough similar to the noise of a seal barking. Attacks of croup often jar children awake and leave them frightened and gasping for breath. Croup can be scary for parents, too, but it's usually not serious. Because children have small airways to begin with, those younger than age 5 are most susceptible to croup.

Fact #3:
On his birthday tomorrow, E will be 6 years old.

Fact #4:
A date he smiled as he remembered it out loud this morning at 5:43 am, between rounds of puking and coughing.

Speculation #1:
Guess he was trying to squeeze in everything possible while he was still 5, huh?


Diane said...

praying for you all.

more cows than people said...

blessings for a quick recovery.

and did you preach after this night?


Katherine said...

Oh, YUCK. My niece had croup, and by all accounts, it's awful.

So sorry.

Songbird said...

Hope he's feeling better!

Songbird said...

P.S. #1 Son was my croupy child, and sadly went out in the County Spelling Bee on that very word. Be sure Elijah knows how to spell it!

Pink Shoes said...

Oh, hugs and rest all around. That's yucky.

JWD said...

I'm so sorry for your night! Our son, too, had croup well past "under five." I felt totally cheated by these later bouts. I thought we had all done our time. It is such a scary sound.

I hope this was the last one for E (and his parents).

PS We're happy to share any techniques that worked for us. But I figure you probably have it down by now, too.