Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Read within minutes of each other this morning.

The Word and You, vol 2, Editor Nan Duerling
Read the story of the transfiguration in Matthew 17:1-9. Envision yourself with Peter, James and John as you read. Experience the emotions that might have welled up within you.

Texts for preaching, Year A, Brueggemann, et al

It is no good inviting the congregation to envision themselves there on the mountain with the disciples; it taxes the imagination beyond credulity.

Age? Gender? Theology? Discuss....


cheesehead said...

I was reading something by Fred Craddock yesterday wherein he takes a similar position to Brueggemann et al.

What's a preacher to do?

more cows than people said...

um... matthew gives us a bit of an out-- he has Jesus call it a vision. any of us can believe that they saw a vision. right?

i'm somewhere between these two approaches in the sermon i've written.

Songbird said...

Darn T-Fig.

Mrs. M said...

i <3 Brueggemann like you would not believe, but I don't totally agree with him here.

Kirstin said...

Too funny.

My best sermons happen when I let my imagination run with it.