Saturday, January 12, 2008


...only to the rest of you working on your weight loss new years resolution.

Two weeks into weight watchers I:

1. Have lost four pounds. Not a tremendous acheivement but considering the alternative (gaining four pounds, I mean), not as bad as it could be.

2. Do find myself wondering if news of The Obesity Epidemic is a bit blown out of proportion (so hard not to make a fat joke here....) and perhaps a distraction from other social problems. However, my bent toward being sort of counter-cultural is helping me want to really lose weight, I am sure. "I dont want to be overweight if everyone ELSE is doing it!"

4. Still do not believe that artificial sweetener is better for you than maple syrup.

3. Am surprised that I dont hate the meetings more. I have been on WW two other times, both on-line because I thought if had time to go to a meeting I should just exercise during that time. I sort of like them, though. I try to think of the inspiring little speeches as sermon lessons, so I take mental notes about what would or would not work in the pulpit. And, when someone else is recording your weight and putting it in a little book, it does kind of make you want to work harder for it.

4. Have the same problem with this that I've had the last couple times, which is that (counter-intuitively) I am eating. all. the. time. For one thing, healthy food takes a lot longer to eat than junk food (eat a hamburger. go. now eat a salad. go. see what I mean?). For another thing, I'm trying to eat until I'm full-not-stuffed, which means I eat these little bird-like portions and am satisfied for the moment, but then I'm hungry again 2 hours later. It's very annoying, but I'm trusting this part will get easier. It just HAS to.

5. Would like to exercise more, but I did earn 4 exercise points cleaning out the garage. Which is an awesome way to (suddenly cant remember the pacifist way to say this, so forgive the unnecessary bloodletting of the metaphor) kill two birds with one stone. I promptly ate them in Midel Ginger Snaps, which I'm not sure is the point.

6. hope I dont turn into into the kind of gal who talks about losing weight all the time. But really, now that our house renovation is done and that topic is exhausted, what can you expect?


cheesehead said...

Four pounds is terrific!

And honestly, if eating ginger snaps is not the point of cleaning out the garage,I don't know what is.

Sue said...

Way to go!! I agree with you about the maple syrup too.

juniper68 said...

Thanks Cheese and Sue - I always knew you were my kind of women, food wise.

more cows than people said...

four pounds rocks. pick up four pounds of something. you'll believe me.

and i've given up sugar (two weeks today- no sugar), and i'm not really doing artificial sweetners. once or twice diet soda in the last few weeks, eventually i'll allow honey, maple syrup, but... not now. trying to get that need for sweet, sweet out of my system. trying to kick an addiction.

totally agree on maple syrup vs. fake stuff. any day.

hope the program works as well for you as it did for me. the someone else writing down the weight. the meetings. the all of it.

love you.

Songbird said...

You're doing great. And I agree about the ginger snaps.

Deb said...

I'm doing WW right now too - I had weigh in today and was up .6 lbs, but considering that due to snow storms and holidays, we haven't had a meeting since Dec. 15th, I'm not unhappy. And now that my pneumonia is gone (I hope) I've been able to go back to water aerobics. So . . .I earned 7 activity points today and haven't eaten them yet. I definitely agree - maple syrup is WAY better than artificial sweetner. Artificial sweetners are too sweet in my opinion. I'd rather have a little of the real thing!