Friday, November 02, 2007


*Do you have an advent candle lighting reading you really like? Or a song even? If so, I'd sure appreciate hearing about it.

*Speaking of things they never taught you in seminary, I'll be saying a few words on Monday at a ribbon cutting for the road they finally finished paving next to the church.

*I've never heard of a ribbon cutting for a road, let alone the local pastor saying a few words for it. But The Commissioner is going to be there. And they've sent out actual press releases. So I guess it's really going to happen.

*To prepare, I got my hair dyed today. Red. Like a fire engine. I really like it, but the first encounter with it can be startling. I thought E was going to cry when I stopped by his classroom today. He recovered ok. Now he giggles everytime he catches me out of the corner of his eye.

*I hope it doesnt have that effect on the church folk on Sunday.

*Turns out that scene where Ricky Bobby prays to the little baby Jesus is just as genius the second time you watch Talladega Nights. And the rest of the movie is a good time, too.

*Not that you would ever watch a low brow movie like that.

We are ten weeks into our time here, and something more needs to be said about transitions, about graceful and not so graceful ways to make changes, but not tonight.

PS: Thanks for the help on the candy. It's in the freezer. Wylde - I'm still cracking up about that "that's how they lose their teeth" thing...


cheesehead said...

I have used the Ricky Bobby illustration in a sermon. Don't we all just want a tiny 8 lb., 6 oz. baby Jesus sometimes?

juniper68 said...

Cheese - I'm so glad to hear you say that. Advent IS coming, after all, and I've been thinking of sermons for the season...

JWD said...

As one who teaches worship, I LOVE that scene from Taladega Nights!

That, and my son (9 yrs old) loves to call out, "Help me, Buddha! Help me, Jesus! Help me, Tom Cruise!" Priceless.

more cows than people said...

o.k., first of all, this is the second post i've read tonight that suggests my dear friends are already prepping for advent. normally i'd be with you, but, ahem... i'm lucky to be ready for tomorrow this year. feeling inadequate over here.

secondly, k has written a candle lighting song for advent. i'm sure it is lovely because he writes lovely music. he thinks it is more appropriate for evening services, but... i think it could work in the morning. let me know if you want him to send it to you.

thirdly, ribbon cutting... that's almost as bad as my praying at the "cream cheese festival" a few months ago.

fourthly, i'm thinking about going red too... do you think i should???

good for you!

juniper68 said...

MC - were you able to resist being all monty python?

"did he say blessed are the cheesemakers? what is that supposed to mean?"
"i'm sure it's not meant to be taken literally. obviously its a metaphor referring to ANY manufacturers of dairy products"

xo from Your Silly Pal

Tess said...

On the advent candle readings, I don't know if you follow the blog Those Northern Skies (, but check out her post 2 November for a link to her writing on this subject.

Wyldth1ng said...

What ever you do say on the ribbon cutting make it short.
Chaulk another one to "I can't imagine" because this is up there.

Good luck

LadyBurg said...

I LOVE that scene! I have it on my myspace and have used it with the youth. "My Jesus has eagles wings..."

So, how did the road ribbon cutting ceremony go? I too have never heard of such a thing. Bet your hair looked pretty in the sun!