Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Five

1. How did you celebrate this time of year when you were a child?
I dont remember too much goings-on as a child in terms of parties, and we always lived in places where trick or treating wasnt practical, until I was too old to do it. But I know I dressed up for some reason (although I cant remember why) because I've been thinking fondly of my favorite costume ever - the ladybug that mom made when I was about 7 or 8. (Do you remember that mom?) I keep wanting to put E into a ladybug costume, but he is just definately not that kind of guy. Do you think I'm too old for it myself?

2. Do you and/or your family “celebrate” Halloween? Why or why not? And if you do, has it changed from what you used to do?
Halloween is definately one of our little family's High Holy Days.
We love to go to the pumpkin patch and this year we found a really great one not far from our house.
The year E was 3, we took weeks to make a truly awesome robot costume out of an old box and some silver spray paint, including blinking LED lights. Of course, he could not sit down in it, or walk really, but he looked great and he loved it - wore it for weeks til he wore it right out.
Other years, the costumes have store been bought, and not as excellent, but we always love trick or treating, each of us for different reasons (Dad - nostalgia about his own trick or treating exploits; Mom- opportunity to meet some neighbors and peek into their houses, however briefly , to see if there are some decorating tips I want to borrow; Child - um, candy, obviously.)

Speaking of candy, last year, my brother who has 5 kids asked me on the phone what I was doing.
"oh, just throwing away the Halloween candy."
"Yeah, I told E that's how it works - you go around and get all the candy you can and then you get to keep your 4 favorite pieces."
"Oh my god, if you had more than one, they would never let you get away with that."
I think this year I"m trying to think of a way to get it out of the house while not wasting it, but I honestly cannot think of a single use for candy besides eating or tossing. Suggestions welcome!

2. Candy apples: Do you prefer red cinnamon or caramel covered? Or something else?
I have not opinion on candy apples. I think I just like them plain the best.

3. Pumpkins: Do you make Jack O’ Lanterns? Any ideas of what else to do with them?
Jack o Lanterns and roast the seeds to eat after carving. I dont do anything with the guts, though.

4. Do you decorate your home for fall or Halloween? If so, what do you do? Bonus points for pictures.
Sadly, no. I wish I was more Martha in this way, but I cant seem to get my act together for much seasonal decorating. Sometimes I string up some orange lights, but I think those are packed away in a box somewhere this year.

5. Do you like pretending to be something different? Does a costume bring our an alternate personality?
I dont really care about costumes that much anymore. It's part of how I'm not much of a play-er, maybe. And it totally freaks out E if he sees me in a wig or even a crazy hat, so I dont have much incentive. But since 2 people (including the easily freakable E) have suggested I dress as a witch this year, I'm going out on Tuesday when the costumes are 75% off or whatever to find a witch costume to wear the next day. Who knows? Maybe my inner pagan will finally find her voice.
I got J a big blue shirt with a big red S on it - so he can either be Superman, or Jesus from Godspell. He hasnt decided yet, but I'll know by whether he rolls around all day bursting into: "WHEN wilt thou save the people? Oh, God of mercy when??" or not.
And you already know that E will be a Jedi warrior, right? Because it's all about the light saber, the one weapon that doesnt really seem like a weapon to me so I let him have it. I know, I know, It's a slippery slope...

Bonus: Share your favorite recipe for an autumn food, particularly apple or pumpkin ones.
Oh boy, I'm typing this in a hotel far from home, so I dont have any recipes at hand, and let's be honest, I'm not that great of a baker anyway. But I love that frozen apple tart thing they sell at trader joe's. So if you're a non-baker like me, head for the for freezer section.


RevHRod said...

Great play! I never convinced my daughter to let me make her some crazy costume. But I did make a vacuum cleaner costume for a friend's little boy. (His choice.) Lights and knobs and wheels. Too much fun!

As to the candy. Freeze what you might use later. I actually donated candy to the homeless shelter for snacks once. Crazy, I know....

jill said...


Great play--thank you!

Mrs. M said...

I am wild about this ladybug costume idea. Go for it!!!

Anonymous said...

Jen...of course, I remember the ladybug're never too old!...xo - mom

PS - put the candy bars in the freezer for the day when you are desperate for dessert!

Wyldth1ng said...

FOUR. I would have disowned you as a parent.

That's how kids get rid of their baby teeth.


I just can't imagine.

Singing Owl said...

Someone said they crunched up the chocolate candy and made chocolate chip cookies with it. Or maybe make homemade blizzards in the blender? (Never tried it, but sounds like it mike work?) LOL

Molly Loves Paris said...

The best costumes I ever did was to dress my girls (7, 8, & 9) as the Andrew Sisters and teach them to sing a couple of the Andrew Sisters songs (Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree, and Hey Daddy). It was incredible how many older people recognized who they were and asked for an encore. Unfortunately they collected a phenominal amount of candy that year. But I froze it, which usually means its forgotten and I get rid of it after a year.

Counselor in Process said...

I can visualize that ladybug! Great.

Kirstin said...