Tuesday, October 23, 2007

not much time for blogging

Just got back from a conference gathering, which I was nervous about, but which I actually really enjoyed and which E LOVED. Everytime I went to get him from the childcare, he would cry and say he was not ready to go. I love how much that boy loves church, have I mentioned?

GREAT speakers from our national office. It was a big "if that's the national church, sign me up for the cheerleading sqaud" kind of weekend - and I mean that in a really good way.

So, the conference meeting was mostly hopeful and made me glad for the gazillionth time that we've landed here. Good conversations and interesting to start to learn the lay of the land. J thinks that the clergy seem more competetive or something. I think that back in my part time associate days I just didn't have anything that anyone else wanted, so nobody was all that into competing with me.

Did I tell you that my current church's search committee reviewed over 80 profiles before they got to mine? This is because they had kind of three separate processes - 2 other candidates did not work out before me. Anyway, pretty much anyone in the west who was looking for a church must have gone thru some part of their process. I know who some of them are and I'm not sure how I feel about that. This whole colleague/competitor dynamic with other clergy is a minefield I dont think I negotiate very well. How do you deal with it?

Also, ran into a guy who knew my folks back in Hometown 25 years and 1400 miles ago. Sheesh. Small world.

Now getting ready to have the kids help in worship for Children's Sabbath (note to self: do not do this again 53 days into your next call. note to you all: not like I'm planning a next call or anything. just saying.)

Also, getting ready to go to Seattle overnight, so J can show his face at MIRE (Major Internet Retail Establishment) where he is a pioneer telecommuter, and E can play with his old pals and J and I can have a Real Live Date.

So, as I say, not much time to blog. But I'll check in when I can...


Songbird said...

I'm afraid competitive stuff brings out the worst in me, so I try to rise above it.
Hope you enjoy your date!

juniper68 said...

yeah, me too (brings out the worst, I mean...)

Mother Laura said...

Hope the trip is great.

There are that many people, or more, applying for many academic jobs--but they are spread all over the country so you're less likely to know exactly who the competition is or have ongoing contact with them. Can happen, though, and be a little awkward--so I can imagine that your situation could really be.