Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday Five, sort of

Sally at RevGals suggests that for this Friday Five, you name 5 things you would do to; care for your body
2. to care for your spirit
3. to care for your mind
4. to bring a sparkle to your eye
5. to place a spring in your step

Since today was my day off, and it was a really good one, lots of things happened that accomplished all of these. So, here's my all-inclusive body/mind/spirit/sparkly/springy friday five.

1. Eli skipped his morning daycare, so we could go for a 1.5 mile hike. We're training for a 3 mile hike in December. The weather was perfect and he did great - only a few whines there toward the end.

2. Then I went to a new spa, which was no substitute for wonderful Olympus - it was quite a bit dingier and no pools, but at least I got all warm and glowy from the salt room. And I weighed myself, which considering I havent been doing anything at all to keep up (or should I say down?) with that, was not as demoralizing as you might think.

3. Then I went to buy yet another pair of shoes. Yes, for those of you keeping score at home, this IS the third pair since I started this job. Let me defend myself by saying, I have this stupid foot thing that's not even worth discussing, except to say that it doesnt seem to be getting better on its own, there's a chance that my shoes are the main problem and the best shoes for fixing it are the original Dansko clogs that are also, thank you Jesus, sort of cool. (Not cool in an "i feel pretty" sort of way, but cool in a "former lesbian clomping around in the rain" sort of way. Which I guess is the look I'm going for anyway.) And who am I to say no to good medicine, especially when it comes in the form of good shoes?

4. Home again and ordered this year's firewood off of what-did-we-do-before-Craigslist, which tomorrow will be delivered and (for an extra 20 bucks stacked) by someone named Heath-like-the-candybar. And just in time, because after an endless summer the rains started in good earnest tonight.

5. Raked and raked and raked. I really like raking, and a good thing too because we have a maple in the back yard that seems to believe it is the birth place of all maple leaves.

Bonus Anti-Sparkly-Springy Moment: Things went briefly south when E had a Total Freak Out right before dinner. He's doing so good with this whole adjustment, but sometimes the little cracks show. He pulled it together after a while, though, in his usual way. He went to his room and worked it out himself. After 5 years of being his mom, it's so hard not to follow him for a little fuss and cuddle, but that has never calmed him down since DAY ONE, and I don't know why I think it should start working now. After a tantrum, he likes some hugs and holding, but it doesnt help him get out of one. Anyway, later we got a phone message from the principal of his school that a kid had had a toy beebee gun confiscated today and at their bedtime chat J heard about some politics involving first graders who were not exactly invitational on the playground. No wonder he lost it. It's a big world for a small boy. Should I be worried about the gun, btw? I'm not yet, so let me know if I should add it to the list.

Bonus Ministry Moment: You know how when you're visiting people in the hospital, you always ask them as nicely as pie to turn the TV off for a minute? The reason you do that is so you don't get the giggles if that scene from the Godfather where the Pope or someone is praying in Latin happens to be on at that exact. same. moment. as you are praying aloud in your own mother tongue. Just so you know, that's why you do that.

Bonus Sparkly-Springy Thing: Check my brother's blog. (Dude. Is that really a photo of you hanging with NEIL YOUNG? You rock, man.)


Sally said...

excellent play- wow if you like raking you are welcome over here, heck I might even pay for the flight.... no wait...

LutheranChik said...

Raking leaves?...what is this of which you speak?...(as they continue to pile up on my sadly unraked lawn).

juniper68 said...

if only i enjoyed the rest of the yard work as much as I liked the raking part.....

more cows than people said...

we can't even find our rake.

i think it's great how well you now known E's patterns and needs...

scary stuff from school... ouch.

yay for medicine being comfy shoes.

Wyldth1ng said...