Sunday, May 06, 2007

Kid Stuff

1. Ok, since we had a baby 4 years and 11 months ago, I've noticed a lot of crap marketed to me and my Young Consumer, so much so that I'm almost immune. But when I noticed them on an endcap, I stopped in my tracks. Because the world really really really does not need the Spider Man and Friends Mr Potato Head Spider Spud. I'm just saying.

2. Conversation, the day after a rare episode of carsickness.
Mom: Ok, everything's in the car. We're ready for our trip to the desert!
Dad (whispered): Maybe get a bucket. You know, just in case.
Mom (also whispered): Good idea!
Child: What's that for? I want the bucket! Let me hold the bucket! It's myyyyy bucket! Let me hold the bucket! It's for my puke! In case I puke! I need a bucket for puuuuuuuke!
Mom: Nobody's going to puke. Or talk about puking. Or think about puking for the rest of this trip.
Child: That's ok Mommy. It's for the whole family. If you need to puke too, I'll just pass it around when I'm done!
Dad: Well, at least he's got the sharing down. We can be grateful for that.

3. Just so you know that sharing and puking are not his only talents, he's also recently nailed:
hopping on one foot, holding his breath under water, and balancing on that crazy hippie waldorf-y swing at his godsister's house that is really just a piece of wood with a rope tied through a hole in the middle.

4. Is it wrong that repeated readings of Commander Toad ("bright and brave, brave and bright") gave me a yearning for SNG so powerful that I actually went and bought the fifth season on DVD, just for old times sake? Yes, that IS me ending conversations these days with a brisk "That will be ALL!"

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