Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sad News

Bob Feldman's memorial service was yesterday.

Bob was my boss when I worked for free, and later for a little bit of money at Red House Records in the late 80's. When I went for my job interview, he ended our time together by asking me if I could score him any drugs and then clucking his tongue at what college students had come to when I stuttered, "uh, no."

Anyway, somehow I realized he was joking and stayed. And it was so great to work for him. He was funny and smart and he really, really cared about muscians and about getting good music out there. When I knew him, he was still a life-long bachelor, but he sometimes introduced me to people as his "daughter from a previous marriage." He taught me how to produce a concert, how to shepherd a record from beginning to end, how to get your way. He loaned me money once when I needed it.

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