Sunday, April 17, 2005

Cell Phones

So I got a new cell phone. Well, not a new one, exactly. More like a third party hand-me-down from this guy at Jeff's work who already has burned through two cell phones since he had this one. That link, by the way, shows my phone, but does not reflect it's true coolness, since MY phone is RED. And I have it set to ring at about 500 decibles, so I dont miss the call when Rachel and Nick's baby pops. Which you cant tell from the picture, either.

But the point is, even though I'm sort of thrilled with this new phone, I'm still so deeply ambivalent about cell phone culture - sometime ask Jacob how I lost my temper with him when he made a call while we were on the way somewhere. Let's just say, that in the moment I was not as loving as I could have been.

But now that I can synch my address book, take photos and write a sermon on my phone, maybe I'll become a real cell phone afficionado. (Yikes, can I BE it if I can't SPELL it?)

There's an article in the PI today about people who fake conversations on their cells phone so they can get out of something unpleasant, which reminded me of this guy and his hijinks on the DC subway.

I haven't faked a call yet, but who knows? With my new red phone, the sky's the limit.

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Anonymous said...

I love your phone!! It takes cool picutures :-)

I never manage to log into Blogger correctly, so I'll leave this annoymous, but this is the other Jennifer :-)