Sunday, December 19, 2004

You are getting sleepy

I was up last night until 1:00 or so (yes, that IS late for me, bucko), puttering in the kitchen, folding laundry and watching my favorite moments from Amelie mostly because I was trying not to go to bed mostly because Jeff wasnt there. But he had it worse than me, probably. HE was the hospital at the sleep clinic getting a sleep study done to see if he has sleep apnea. Which is where they hook you up to somewhere between fifteen and a thousand wires, aim a big camera at you and say "sleep well." Which he actually did. And when they monitored him, they estimated him to be having these episodes where he chokes, stops breathing and wakes himself up without really waking up 40-60 times PER HOUR. Yikes. He's there tonight getting monitored again, and this time they're hooking him up to a cpap to see if that helps, which everyone we talk seems certain that it will. So he'll probably have to sleep with an oxygen mask, which is not all that sexy. But if you think about it, oxygen deprivation isnt really all that sexy either. The bottom line is I'm hopeful this will really help him.

But I'm still procrastinating going to bed.

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