Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Big water

Cant stop thinking about the folks in the path of the tsunami. Here is something I got today via email - a report from a missionary who was vacationing in Sri Lanka. It's pretty long, but here's an excerpt where he describes the second wave.
As the swell of the tsunami raised the sea level (20 feet in our area, we are told), the same wave action we had seen before was active, adding to its destructive force.  An added problem was that, as the water level receded, the flow now rushed violently towards the sea sweeping with it a tangle of material and in some cases people.  The unfortunate people in the posh sea-side rooms had the entire contents of their rooms thus flushed out to sea including all their worldly possessions; some had nothing but their bathing suits.  Soon
everyone was searching far and wide for their things, but at the same time locals had come to the beach and began gathering valuable bits from the bonanza that lay scattered on the beach.  We were lucky, as we found a good portions of our things.  After a while another alarm was raised as the water began to recede far below low tide exposing rocks not normally visible.  I was on the beach looking for things when Brian and others shouted at me to come in and get up on the second floor.  Slowly the water came in again with each wave breaking higher on the beach till sea water almost, but not quite, entered the guest
house.  This time the receding water swept out any remaining things on the beach leaving it ristine and clean.  This happened a few more times including once at noon and then at 12:30.  We had been given a vacant upstairs room where we were collecting our things.  Many others had their belongings in stacks in the upstairs hall and verandah.  During this entire time the weather was beautiful with sunny blue skies.

Jeff found some equally disturbing first hand videos today - everyone on vacation on a "beautiful...sunny" day and then the slow, inexorable water.

Folks are going to need lots of help, which is going to take lots of money. Click Here to donate online through the UCC.

And pray. Keep praying.

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