Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday Eight

1. Just saw one shooting star. I guess suburban America is not the best place to catch the meteor shower. Made plans with DH, as we do every year, that NEXT year we will be in the desert for SURE for the shower. We'll see.

2. Speaking of making plans: Heard Pete Seeger on TOTN today - did you catch it? He's still busy changing the world even though he's like ninetygazillion years old. Also singing and playing banjo. And, everyone who called seemed to know him personally and addressed him like he was their favorite uncle or something. I love that guy.

3. Speaking of things we love, even though I'm a little annoyed I cant copy it here (dude! it's the INTERNET! everything is SUPPOSED to be free!): today's bizarro cartoon. Darnation! Snort!

4. Speaking of things that are a little annoying, in a very first world sort of way: Got a new handsfree device thingy that goes in my ear so I can talk on the phone and swerve all over the road trying to make sure it's far enough in my ear to hear, rather than swerving all the over the road trying to hold on to the real phone one handed. Annoying part: it's just another thing to plug in, and truthfully, I dont think I have time to charge one more thing.

5. Speaking of driving, annoying problems thereof: My car battery died the other day.

6. Speaking of things that you thought would be annoying, but werent: it died in the parking of Oaks Park, so that just meant an extra hour of goofing around while we waited for the Hyundai roadside assistance guy to show up.

7. Speaking of Oaks Park: First! Ferris! Wheel! Ride! Ever!

8. Speaking of things that make our palms sweaty, but actually turn out pretty awesome: I thought I was leading a meeting tonight but the technology I was fiddling with for half an hour didnt really work out so the Holy Spirit stepped in or swept in or something and took over. She is so cool that way.

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Sarah S-D said...

your first ferris wheel ride ever? really? wow.

cool post, friend. love you.