Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday Night Random

Started to write a long, rambly post, bored myself, decided not to bore you, too. Deleted it. But really, there's a lot going on and my heart is sort of bursting with gratitude, so let's just try it as a list, shall we?

A Very Partial List of Things I'm Grateful For (in no particular order)
Muslim Educational Trust, and the good folks from there who I heard speak at HCCUCC (also on my list of things I'm grateful for, btw) tonight about Islam. They. are. incredible.

Laughing children, who announce they are second-best-friends after one meeting.

Looking forward to August, and a new baby* and a wedding.

A bible study class that included a discussion about the nesting habits of ostriches.

Sunny days in March, and The Mountain out my window.

Healthy husband. Funny son.

Facebook friends. Phone friends. IRL friends.

Freddy the Pig (Always, always, always, grateful for Freddy. I feel like we've listened to about 100 of those books on tape, but we always seem to find one at the library we havent heard yet.).

Weight Watchers (No, the word pig did NOT make me think of that, why did you ask? And yes, I HAVE lost 10 pounds since January thankyouverymuch.)

A potentially difficult communication that turned out OK.

That sign I drive past every day that says "Ocean Beaches This Way."

My dad, who is meeting me at a preaching conference in Seattle in April. Also, hey, it's a preaching conference in Seattle in April! Seattle peeps, will I see you there?

Vacation plans.

*No, not mine. No rumor-mongering now you internets.


Jules said...

Love your list! The preaching conference sounds like a kinder, gentler one than Super Ultra Mega Preaching Rock Star Event.

Glad you've made your peace with Freddy. :)

Songbird said...

I like your list, but I enjoyed the rumor for half a second.

Juniper said...

It's funny, SB - for most of my life I couldnt WAIT to have a the thought of one sort of makes me want to cry. But so glad for my friend, since she's been really wanting this :)