Sunday, March 28, 2010

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Bow out :: Really, what comes to mind is that picture at the end of that Frog and Toad, when Toad is on stage all by himself in a hat with a giant floppy feather in it at the end. Remember, the creepy one with the strange voice? I always thought, "Toad, you should just bow out now."

  2. Relationships :: Some good ones come to mind. Today I'm grateful for a boy who wants to snuggle while I'm typing this.

  3. Facebook :: Time spent, mostly unwisely.

  4. Items :: E just found the tiny teaspoon I got him to eat his icecream with, and he's grinning ear to ear. I love inexpensive items from the thrift store.

  5. Ours :: ...yours and mine. But mostly, ours.

  6. Sting :: There's a moon over Bourbon Street.

  7. Hangover :: Been there, done that, didnt get the tshirt.

  8. Contacts :: Lenses or people? Or else multiple copies of that really great movie? (Previous sentence irony free. I really did like that movie.)

  9. Lonely :: Really? Do I have to keep writing about this? Truly, I think if you've spent any time on this blog, you've heard plenty about loneliness. In a nutshelll, just let me say that this a curable condition.

  10. Seven days :: Til Easter is over. I love Easter and everything, but I'll be glad when I'm done herding chainsaws and juggling cats, or whatever that saying is.

As found via Katherine at Unconscious Mutterings. Now, you try!

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Sue said...

Amen on #10. I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking that Easter Monday is the best part of the whole weekend.