Thursday, September 25, 2008

Women Are from Venus, Men are From a Different Universe: An Elijahlogue

Godsister: Hey, let's go play in MY universe.
E: No, because I'm from a whole different universe, and there's a pretended wall between my universe and your universe, and when I try to go to your universe, I hit that wall and go bonk! right back to my universe.


JWD said...

I've had that very same experience! :)


Kirstin said...

Sweet. :-)

Say hi to Godsister's parents for me.

Sarah S-D said...

wow. he's tuned in!!

Anonymous said...

JB! so super to meet you in the blog world. yours is FANTASTIC. i'm honored that you put my little baby one up there. can't wait to learn more and enjoy more alongside you. have you gone to the cricket cafe in portland yet?!?!?! it's my personal favorite. get the cricket omlete (i get it veggie... yumm). ok, got to stop slobbering and hit the pillow. xo jb@ yukonsally daily (couldn't figure out how to sign my little post here. boo)