Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The sayings of Coach M

E's t-ball coach is so great. He's totally commited to the kids and he loves baseball. And he talks and moves non-stop, so in that way he's not unlike a 5 year old himself. In a good way. Today inaugurates the first of what I hope will be a series:
The Sayings of Coach M"

(said to the kids on the bench when they are kicking around in the gravel)
This is baseball not recess!

(said to a kid who, in swinging the bat, followed the swing while it swung him all the way around*)
This is baseball, not ballet!

(said to a kid who is wearing his hat backwards, while taking it off his head and turning it around)
This is baseball, not a rap video!

*This, by the way, is a surprisingly common problem for the tball set. A smaller line of bats is definately in order.

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