Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thanks for the blogosphere

Here's a conversation I couldn't have had if it wasn't for More Cows and Any Day a Beautiful Change and their Over the Rhine recommendations.

E: Do you know why helpmeit'smylastnightonearthagain is my favorite song?
Mom: Why?
E: Because it has a wheezy old Ford in it! (laughs uproariously)
E: (five minutes later - still chuckling wheezily about the ford)

For the rest of you, not just five-year-olds with great senses of humor, I can recommend Over the Rhine's Discount Fireworks. My current favorite is Born

I was born to laugh
I've learned to laugh through my tears
I was born to love
I'll learn to love without fear.

Yeah, that's about it, huh?

ETA: Those of you who put the fanatic in fan can feel free to correct those lyrics, if I didnt get them just right.


more cows than people said...

I love "Born".

I think you got the lyrics right. I actually misheard them for quite awhile though.

Any Day A Beautiful Change is WAY more into OTR than I am, but I think they're pretty great. I should get another album.

So do you know "Rhapsodie" by OTR?

juniper68 said...

i only have that one which I got on ADABC's rec as sort of a "best of" - do you think Rhapsodie is a good one?

Katherine said...

Woohoo! I love it when people discover OtR (especially when I am partially responsible for the discovery). You actually own the ONE OtR disc (of a combined catalog of 18 studio, b-side, holiday, and live releases) that I don't have. I just bought LNOEA because it was the one song I didn't already have. I do love the concept of Discount Fireworks, though. Is it clear that the songs work backwards in time- from newest to oldest? You really get a sense of the diversity of their songbook.

Rhapsodie is a gorgeous love song from Patience. We cut the cake to it at our wedding.

The two-disc Ohio would be an excellent second purchase. And the classic Good Dog Bad Dog (my first) is on sale for $10 on their website. Though, really, I'd just give in and buy all of them! :-)

juniper68 said...

mc - I know what you mean about mishearing the words - I couldnt tell the love from the laugh - do you think that's part of the point?

kewp -
thanks for the recs.

Katherine said...

Eh, even the die-hardest of OtR fans admit that Karin's pronunciations are... creative. ;-)