Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Behold! A New Thing!

First day of telecommuting (after 7 years in the actual office, minus the last two weeks off for foot ouchies) at MIRE (Major Internet Retail Establishment) for Mr. Juniper. Report: Not as productive as one might hope, but not a total loss.

First day new job for Juniper. Report: This is such a cool place, I cannot even get over it. I keep wanting to jump up and down and woohoo. I'm all professional, though, so I dont do that, but I'm pretty sure I'm grinning like a maniac most of the time.

First day of kindergarten for Juniper Jr. Report: Something happened that had to do with gingerbread cookies. That's all I know.

First day of Mr. Juniper picking up Jr at kindergarten. Report: Total and complete chaos.

First day of new morning daycare for Jr. Report. Oops, guess not. The school bus doesnt stop near there after all. Tomorrow we are trying again at the more expensive, further away place that does, however, take the kids to school in a van. (Muttered under breath: "Curse you Oregonians and your no taxes and your ridiculous two hour instead of full day kindergarten program...")

First day of guys tearing down walls to make our new place all perfect for Mr. Juniper and his big wheelchair. Report: Dusty.

First day of a blog with all comments erased from past entries due to acting without thinking. Report: Not as tragic as you might think, even though there were many treasures there. I think maybe with all these other firsts it's not really making a ripple. Feel free to post a comment now, though. I think they're working again.


more cows than people said...

wow! picturing you grinning ear to ear in my favorite city in the country makes me very happy.

Mary Beth said...

Welcome HOME!

Kirstin said...

MIRE--what a fantastic acronym.

Thanks for the reports! I'm happy for you, picturing you grinning like that. :-)

Abbey of the Arts said...

Congrats J on landing so joyufully in your new home. We'll miss you in Seattle though... :-)

PS -- I agree, MIRE is brilliant

Kathryn said...

Lots of happies - that makes excellent reading. Thank you for sharing your pleasure with us.

Magdalene6127 said...

Juniper... you and I started new calls at the same time. Cool! I'll follow your adventures...

Blessings every day,