Thursday, April 05, 2007

Week of rest

At the risk of mortally, eternally offending my revpals in the audience, I have to confess that I'm weirdly unbusy this week. For some reason, most of the headless-chicken-running I usually do at this time has been picked up by other people.

But of course, no one calls or expects anything, because it's Holy Week so I must be crazy busy. After a few days of flailing around, I'm really enjoying it. I just got in from mowing the lawn (oh, yeah, and more things to irritate you - it's actually spring here). Yesterday, Eli and I had a picnic at the beach.

There's lots of church, but I just show up and read my part.
It's like being a consumer Christian again.

In case you are in the same boat, might I suggest one of these two crafts ? Goodness, how did we ever keep busy before there was flickr?

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