Monday, September 19, 2005

Bottomless Well of Wellness

You might want to describe my family by pathology:
Jeff has muscular dystrophy.
Eli has asthma.
I have a headache.

I know, given the state of the world, it's hard to be too worried about headaches.
But I've had a headache since March.

So far, since May when I started getting serious, I have also:
taken antibiotics
stopped eating all wheat products for one month
had an MRI (which apart from an "artifact" was "normal")
been to the dentist to see if my jaw is mis-aligned
received 3 acupuncture treatments and taken some foul tasting herbs
been on and off the Pill
had air blown in my eyes to see if I need glasses

So I know alot about kooky medical devices and alot about what IS NOT causing these headaches - they're the annoying but usually not debilitating kind that pop up over my right eye - but still not what IS causing them. No one knows what's causing them, but they all say that most headaches are caused by muscle tension, which means I just have try harder to relax or something. With access to this much good health care, a great place to live, satisfying work and a sweet family I'm just not sure what I have to be tense about.

However, I'm certain that if I worry about it enough, I'll figure it out.

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