Monday, June 06, 2005

Three Men and a Baby

Boy, do we love Kipper around here these days. So much less hyper than other kids' shows and the sophisticated yet homey British accents are so endearing and the MUSIC is so great.

I found this review at Amazon that was like, "Love Kipper. But what's with the eyebrow? He only has one, and it's always changing sides." And me and Jeff have spent countless hours when we could be solving the problem of zero or figuring out how to get our troops our of Iraq trying to suss out the relationships between the characters.

'Cause see, there are like 3 sort of grown-up animals, 2 dogs and a pig. And then a baby pig. But it turns out, all the grown-up animals are BOYS. So my theory (that Pig and Kipper were boyfriend and girlfriend, and Pig was a struggling single mother who cant be blamed for always losing wee Arnold because she has so much to worry about what with the rent coming due, and Arnold's absentee father no where in sight) got shot all to hell when we found that out.

Remember when I was pregnant and I kept scoffing at those flowerly maternity tops and saying "HELLLO. I'm HAVING a child, not TURNING into one." Coulda been wrong about that. Stay tuned.

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