Sunday, June 12, 2005

End the war, end in the war, end the war.

Let it be our constant prayer. Our constant shout and wail.

In honor of Matt, and the more than two thousand six hundred other service men and women (well - boys and girls, really. Honestly, just look at their ages) who have died.

I've been reading about this kid, Zach, who came out to his parents last week, so they sent him to gay re-education camp - after which his blog stops except for 400 comments in his support (as of this moment, and more coming in all the time). And of course, I'm sick to my stomach like any decent and compassionate person would be, and of course I cant imagine it either - having parents act that hateful in the name of something not hateful.

But I cant figure out why we're not riled up about this war, this horrible, useless war, in the same way.

Why aren't we?

I'm not trying to get on your case, whoever you are (I have a limited understanding of who the exact, uh, demographic is for this blog - if there is even a large enough group reading it to be called an actual demographic) anyway - I'm not on your case. Notice I havent quit my cush job to work for peace either.

What will it take?

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