Sunday, October 24, 2004

Popular Vote

So I got this link from MPR that lets you take a little quiz to determine which candidate you should be for. (Thanks Deanne.)

4 years ago, I backed Nader the whole time, then made a voting booth switch and voted for Gore, crying while I did it. It just seemed so unfair to have to vote for someone who so clearly did not represent me, but I also was taking a lot of heat from people I knew to defeat Bush, and that really seemed like a priority.

Now in taking this little quiz, I find that I back Nader %100, and Kerry only %38 (Bush %0, at least) - but I'm still voting for Kerry.

The question is: is this the compromise that is the inevitable result of a political system in which everyone's needs are only met a little OR have I just totally sold out in choosing the lesser of two evils?

It's not like the old days (now that I'm 35, I can have "the old days" I guess) back in Minnesota, when I was thrilled to check the box next to Paul Wellstone's name. I sure miss him this time of year.

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