Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday Night Gleeless Random

I keep starting things and then erasing them. I seem to be a little out of sorts or something. Let's keep it simple and say it's because there's no Glee on tonight.

I want to tell you about the kitchen, I guess. It's mostly remodeled except for the dishwasher which doesnt fit - oops. It's a matter of eighths of inches, so just a little modification is needed. Luckily, the modification that is needed is to replace counter tops, which is good because they have a weird seam in them and needed to be replaced anyway.

Our Mostly Most Excellent Contractor swears this will all be done by next Tuesday, which is now so many days past the "This Project Absolutely Must Be Done By December 10th" deadline that it sort of doesnt matter. In retrospect, probably an entire kitchen remodel in December was not a good choice. At the time, it seemed like one of those "get it all over with at once" kind of things. Well. Live and learn.

On the up side, we have such a tiny house, knocking down the wall to the kitchen actually makes the whole house suddenly different, and in a good way, I think. More open and welcoming, which is certainly what I hoped. And, when cooking or cleaning up, I DO feel less trapped in the 8th ring of housework hell, and more like a part of the family, so that is good.

And it's beautiful. So beautiful. Did I mention?

In the meantime, we are still eating on paper plates to avoid doing dishes what E calls "the pioneer way" (unironically, incidentally. 7 is a very unironical age) by which he means without the dishwasher. So we are celebrating the Birth of the Baby Jesus by killing more trees.

Speaking of killing trees, J and E got me the coolest birthday present ever, which is a bonsai tree. They got it because E noticed me admiring the bonsai at the Saturday Market. Of course, the leaves, which were all green when I unwrapped it have (some of them anyway) started to turn brown. The note on it says it's an Outside Chinese Elm, and that I should water everyday in Spring, Summer and Fall.

It is winter, and there's no instructions for that, so I have watered it once in a week. Also, I am keeping it inside. I have a vague fear of overwatering, or of putting it outside in winter, but should I do those things? I met a kind of kooky woman one time who kept talking about how she wanted to move back to the midwest but couldnt because there was no way to move the bonsai. So I dont want to turn into THAT person, but I would like to try and keep it alive at least for a little while. So any advice from you green thumb types would be more than appreciated.

Speaking of keeping things alive, I ordered a copy of Ten November right from the publisher, which is $81.00 cheaper than getting it from Amazon. Sheesh. Sometimes I do not understand the internet. My dad gave me the idea of using a quote from there for my sermon on Sunday. I will let you know how it goes.

Speaking of sermons and Sunday - it's a busy time, and I'm busy of course. But I'm really aware that I'm not dealing with as much as some folks I know, so I'm thinking of you all who are grieving or getting pulled in a million directions with so much compassion tonight. Hope you can get a little bit of Peace with a capitol P this season.

Speaking of Peace, its really really really time for sleep, so I'm going to nab some. Hope you are getting some of that, too, wherever you are.


Songbird said...

The kitchen project sounds very exciting. I think the modern architectural trend (or should I say postmodern?) to connect family living space and the kitchen is a very good one. It's my only objection to living in a 1928 house.

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about bonsai. Maybe the local nursery might be able to help?