Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. The visits to this blog (according to site-meter) have now reached an all-time nadir of 6 per week. ::waves to the 6 of you, whoever you are:: Hi there! I love you, you optimists!

2. I walked by a house today that had 2 apple trees and a pear with fruit just falling off of them. And I thought, I could come back and pick those and spend Saturday canning apple butter. But I'm not going to do that. See, 15 years ago, I was all about the whole food, slow food, low food movement. I ate organic and local and raw and vegetarian and home-cooked. I made lasagna from scratch - lasagna so delicious that people would ask me the recipe for it at potlucks! I had rows of glass jars of beans and grains in my kitchen. I look at the rest of the world, and it's like we're on escalators, moving past each other in opposite directions. While you are making homemade vegetable pizza with your kids, or canning the tomatoes you bought at the farmer's market, or browsing the internet for cake recipes using whole wheat flour and soy milk, I'm standing in front of the freezer at TJ's going, "OMG! You can just BUY lasagna ALREADY cooked and heat it up!!?? Why did no one tell me about this before??"

3. Got a grill this summer from a friend who was downsizing, though, so there is that. And although it is propane, which even my Harley driving neighbor says freaks him out, I havent blown anything up. And it's true that hamburgers cooked on a grill are 473x better than other hamburgers.

4. Speaking of Things We Got This Summer: cable TV.

5. However, in spite of what I have always believed, I am not going to become a fan of Dancing With The Stars. :::Shudders thinking of Tom DeLay dancing to Wild Thing with a woman in leopard...what would you call that? ....thong?::: And no, I am not linking to it. Google it yourself.

6. In the never say never department, I seem to be growing my hair out. I'm kind of doing a modified curly girl method thing with it. And since my husband described my hair today as "wavy and luscious" in casual conversation, I'm going to keep it up for a while anyway.

7. E is funny these days. Entering that stage I remember from my own life, where he uses words bravely, without fully grokking the meaning of them. RE finding something to watch on television: "Remember, I am watching, so choose something public." Public in that sentence meaning "any show that will not scare the bejeezus out of me." Meaning, any show about the pyramids and Egypt. Turns out, Egypt is like the new Friends. Any time day or night, you can learn something about the pyramids on TV.

8. New theory = it was not slaves, but highly skilled and well compensated craftspersons who built the pyramids. Which reminds me of Sarah's ex-boyfriend who, when working in a museum as a guard, heard a tour guide gush, "Life in ancient Egypt was GREAT." We've always laughed about that, but maybe she was on to something!

9. I have been surprised once again recently to discover that sometimes people are thoughtless. And downright rude even. It's really very shocking every time I re-discover that.

10. My secret for keeping my weight more or less steady is to not buy any butter. Because no butter = no buttered toast and then really, what's the point of eating? That no butter thing, though? Not going so well since I saw Julie and Julia. Still. I do recommend it. The movie, I mean. Not the butter.


Sarah S-D said...

you are so funny!

She Rev said...

Good to see you back here. I'm not one of the 6, but I could be considered a virtual 7th maybe. I've got your feed on mine so I check there to see if you update!

Songbird said...

Tom DeLay scared me.

leafmonster said...

1. Nobody visits my blog either. But that’s okay.
2. I can't make lasagna from scratch, but I can tell you that the stuff you buy from the freezer doesn't taste anywhere near as good as what you can make at home, even using sauce from a jar. The Egyptians probably ate that frozen lasagna and look what happened to them.
10. Does it count if my weight is stable, a constant 10 pounds overweight?

Cheesehead said...

Waving back at you! And, although I am back on WW, it is hard to contemplate life without butter.