Monday, July 20, 2009

Dog Days - Monday Night Randomness

-Boy, it's hot.

-This is the most awesome summer I can remember in recent years. So far no one has pneumonia or a broken leg (coujeffgh), we are not moving, no one has a constant migraine (yeah, that'd be me), we dont have a newborn baby (I'm mean, I'm all for babies, but they do kind of cramp your maxin' and relaxin' summer style...) and we're not planning any big trips. We're going to the ocean for two nights, but other than that, we are just enjoying Portland in summer. Which is pretty enjoyable.

-But, it is pretty hot.

-Spent an afternoon at Portland Saturday Market. Best people watching EVER. And we got a cool tie-dye for E, so it was a day well spent.

-Went to Cooper Mountain. Humungous new park with lots of trails and an example of how you can get right into Nature without really leaving town. Portland reminds me of Duluth that way.

-Even the lessons we're learning this summer are the benign kind, not the hit-you-over-the-head kind: If you put 2 cherry pits in your garbage disposal, it will make a funny noise, so you should take them out. If you go to Home Depot at the cool end of a hot day and ask for 12 bags of mulch, everyone will rush to help you, since they get to be outside for that part. If you dont cut the dog's hair, pretty much all that will happen is that it will get longer, which is not so bad.

-Getting ready to do a wedding I am really looking forward to. Since it's Portland, the reception will be a bike polo game. I dont know what that is either, but I'm looking forward to finding out.

-Attended one hour of our 9 hour neighborhood party. During that hour, got asked the question I have actually never been asked for real, in person by the octogenarian who had just told me that he married his wife even though she wasnt as built (I believe was his term) as her twin sister:
Him: "Have you been born again?"
Then, me: "Oh, I think I'm born again every day. Every morning my prayer is, Jesus, let me know what you have for me to do today."
Then, him: "Well, that's a weird way to do it."
Then, me: "Well, I suppose so, but it's what works for me."

-This was not as adverserial as it probably looks in print. In fact, I'm pretty sure we're still pals. And he DID say he prayed for us every day as he walks by the house, and I'll take all of those I can get.

-We will not be going to Lebowskifest tomorrow. (In fact, I'm not even linking to it, since there is a stripper on the front page. But you can google it if you really want to find it.) So, anyway, we're not going, even though Jeff had this great idea of going as The Big Lebowski in a suit and a bald cap. And I could choose if I wanted to be Bunny or Brandt. Anyway, great idea, but we're not going. Still, when I went to get my nails done today, I picked up the green polish, put it down, picked it up again, put it down again. Picked my usual orange-ish.

-By usual, I mean, the once or twice a year that I actually go to get my nails done.

-So, good summer.

-Although. Have I mentioned? Sure is hot.


Sarah S-D said...

glad you're having such a good summer.

wish we could come to portland this summer... sigh.

Cheesehead said...

I want to come to Portland.


Songbird said...

It's a good thing there's no baby, since we would be cross with you for keeping it a secret.

Sue said...

Sounds like an awesome summer. I sure would enjoy some of that summer heat up this way. It's been brrrr....cold. Two, maybe three days over room temp so far...

But hope prevails! There's always August!

Sarah said...

Just wanted to stop back and say hi since you stopped by my blog! I'll stop over at the preacher party in just a few minutes...I am mostly done with my sermon but am at the laptop to do some editing, so I want to join the party! Looking forward to continuing to get to know you in the blogosphere!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer, I enjoyed reading your post - and agree that our octagenarian is an interesting fellow. But he does really care about his neighbors. :) In light of John 3, I believe that being "born again" (or regenerated - Titus 3:5 / becoming a new creature - II Cor 5:17) is an actual, one-time spiritual event in a person's life - when we are delivered from the power of darkness, and translated into the kingdom of His dear Son (Col 1:13). I'm curious - is that how you see it too?