Monday, June 11, 2007


Overheard this week at Casa Juniper

Act One
Child: Chlorine is a metal, right?
Mother: Ummm.....

Act Two
Child: I'm allergic to salt.
Mother: How do you know?
C: What?
M: What happens to you, when you eat salt?
M: Oh, you mean you can't drink salt water, if you are swimming in it?
C: YES! I have to keep my mouth closed, like this!
M: You're right. If you drink salt water, you get sick. But you can eat dry salt. You are not allergic to that.
C: Why?
M: Ummm....

Act Three
C: I heard the sun sneeze!
M: What?
C: The sun is in OUTER SPACE!
M: (ignoring the sneezing part, and glad to finally have at least one fact at her fingertips) That's right. The sun is in outer space!

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