Monday, January 01, 2007

The Junipercentric Blog Awards for 2006

In looking back over 2006, I'd have to say that your funny, spiritual, honest, beautiful and smart blogs are one of the great gifts of the year. Since this has now pretty much become a blog about blogging (see previous post), I'm going all the way by instituting the first (and perhaps last) annual Junipercentric Blog Awards for Best Blogs and Favorite Posts of 2006. According to me.

The Overall Best New Blog of 2006 Award
To Sacred Art of Living. Get yourself a nice cup of herbal tea and settle in. Great art, gorgeous photos and transcendent writing. Careful though - Christine is apt to hit you at the end of a gentle post with a question that'll really get you thinking. And thinking and thinking...

The Best Comeback Award To

To Jen Lemen! Yeah! We missed you! Welcome back!

The "Sisters are Doing It For Themselves" Award
For providing a forum for women who've been abused and silenced by the church,and for reminding me that International Women's Day should never go unnoticed, this award goes to Rachelle the Awesome Urban Abbess.

The Smiling St. Francis Award
For making ministry seem really, really fun (even on a hard day) this award goes to You've Really Got To Love Your People.

The I'll Take Mine with Plenty of Fresh Fruit Award to: Katherine at .any day a beautiful change. for the coolest cup of lemonade in the blogosphere, and for generally being a sunny voice from LA.

Funniest New Baby Blogging Award:
Sara at Going Jesus.

Funniest New Cat Blogging Award: Polar Bear at The Ice Floe.

Most Grace Under Pressure Award: Sue at Inner Dorothy, who lives unwhiningly with chronic pain (her own) and chronic disability (her partner's) and who is still the kick-assingest pastor and pray-er north of the Lake.

Favorite Big Sister Award: Songbird. Who always leaves kind and supportive comments at my place (and yours too) and whose blog is wise, funny and generous - just like the big sister you always wanted. (And she loaned me 25 bucks that one time and never got on my case about paying her back even though I completely forgot about it, but now I remembered and the check is totally in the mail TODAY.) See what I mean? Big sister.

Favorite Head Librarian Award: To voracious reader (where DOES she find the time?) Pink Shoes in the Pulpit.

Favorite Head Coach Award:
A hotdog and beer to Will Smama at Preacher, blogger or procrastinator whose unbounded enthusiasm for just about everything makes me believe that I could actually, possibly one day understand football - if she explains it to me.

Best Sermon Stories Award:
To Amy at A Talk with the Preacher. I never read her blog without thinking, "that'll preach!" - and it often does.

The Eleanor Roosevelt "Do The Thing You Think You Cannot Do" Award to Ann At What Is your Only Comfort?, for the courage to continue to live out her call in spite of lack of support from the official officials. By her story, and her willingness to give voice to it, she reminds me that ordination is a fragilely held privilege and one that cannot be taken lightly.

The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Award
: to Phantom Scribbler, for inviting us into what feels exactly like her real live living room, every single day.

The Great Brain Award: to Jody at Raising WEG, who has so many, so very smart things to say about books, politics, and child rearing. (Instead of what I would be blogging every day if I were her: "Aaaaggghhhh! Triplets! I'm a mother to TRIPLETS!")

The Amos or Another Prophet of Your Choice Award: to Steve at Ragamuffin Rambling for courage in speaking about issues of justice, both global and personal. Also, the only guy on this list, which is probably some kind of award of its own...

The Gloria Deus Award: To Rachel at Big Dunk for making a life of faith seem more like exuberant joy than drudgery.

The You Said What I Was Thinking Award: to Heather who, in spite of her blog title, never actually fumbles as far as I can tell.

The Two Balls, a Plate, 3 Pins and A Chainsaw Award to: Janell at Paris Project, for best articulation of the juggling act that is mommy-ing while working (or is that working while mommy-ing?).

And a Big Air Kiss with my Revlon ColorStay Berry Reliable lips
: to Peacebang. I've never laughed so hard, but whatever she's doing, it's working, evidently, since I actually wear make up most days since I've started reading her blog.

And kisses to all of you, for all the ways you've encouraged, upheld, enlightened and humored me this year! Blessings in 2007!

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